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Simply and easily collect user feedback directly in your SaaS product

Better understand your users to make informed and insightful business decisions

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Collect User Insights, Feature Requests, and Potential Bugs of your SaaS product

Easily integrates as part of your SaaS product and allows you to interact directly with users, capture feedback from your site visitors in real time, and identify areas for improvement.

Deploy Quickly
Deploy Quickly

Configure your User Feedback widget and start collecting feedback in minutes

Collaborate Share Insights
Collaborate & Share Insights

User Feedback makes it easy for all the members of your team to collaboratively review and analyze feedback

Integrate with Jira
Integrate with Jira

User Feedback allows you to easily convert feedbacks into Jira tickets


Configurable Widget

User Feedback provides a widget that you need to install on your SaaS application. This widget powers the form that you want to show to the users in order to collect feedback.

  • Easy to install and get started
  • Easy to customize as per branding
  • Ability to capture screenshot and record video

Feedback via Screenshot Capture

With User Feedback’s Screenshot, it is quite easy to capture screenshots and also annotate the same to provide detailed feedback. It allows the user to point, blurs, highlights anything on the webpage, and provide comments to provide accurate feedback.


Feedback via Video Recording

With User Feedback’s video recording tool, it is quite easy to record videos that will help you understand any issue in your flows or processes on your website or within your web application.


Jira Integration

Integrate easily with Atlassian JIRA to link your customer feedback to your current project management tool. With JIRA, connect directly with native integration.


Email Integration

Easily integrate with Emails, to connect your feedback to customer support systems. Connect directly with native integration, via Email.

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